Spectacular AI


Spectacular AI solves challenging problems related to Computer Vision, Spatial AI, Sensor Fusion and SLAM.

Our next-generation visual-inertial tracking software enables real-time relative position estimation by information fusion of camera and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data. Our VIO software is independent of platform vendor services (e.g., ARKit, ARCore) and can also run on custom hardware such as on drones and robots as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Check out the use case highlights below and contact us if they resonate with your needs. We are happy to discuss more to see if our technology or expertise can solve your problem.

Test it yourself!

Spectacular AI SDK is freely available for non-comercial use. For select devices like the OAK-D stereo camera family, it works with zero configuration.

Install for Python with:

$ pip install spectacularai

Accurate tracking of a vehicle using the Spectacular AI GNSS-VIO SDK that also works within tunnels and other indoor environments where GNSS signal is temporarily lost.

Augmented reality demo with just 135 lines of Python using the Spectacular AI SDK which is an order of magnitude less than needed to get anything out of, e.g., ARCore.

Tiny YOLO object detection to detect objects and their positions in camera coordinates + Spectacular AI VIO SDK to know where the camera is pointing. Uses an OAK-D device.

Spectacular AI SDK running on Raspberry Pi 4 + OAK-D. Performance is compared to an Intel RealSense T265 tracking camera. Wireless demo using a 5V / max. 2A battery and visualizing Visual-Inertial Odometry trajectories over WiFi.


Visual-inertial navigation done right

Whether you challenge is to track the movement of vehicles, people or autonomous things—you will need to understand the device's relative location in the surrounding 3D environment.

Our methods are learning-based and adapt to uncertainties in the observed data. We do principled probabilistic inference, where both visual and inertial data contribute as equal parties. Our unique approach is built from scratch using first-principles and implemented using state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning methods.

Related research

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A. Solin, S. Cortés, E. Rahtu, J. Kannala
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2018 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)


Spectacular AI is a university spin-off company from Helsinki, founded in 2021. Our team is a unique mixture of seasoned software professionals plus established computer vision and machine learning researchers.

Otto Seiskari (CEO)
Pekka Rantalankila
Jerry Ylilammi
Prakhar Verma
Prof. Arno Solin
Prof. Juho Kannala
Prof. Esa Rahtu

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