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Spectacular AI solves challenging problems related to Computer Vision, Spatial AI, Sensor Fusion and SLAM.

Our next-generation visual-inertial tracking software enables real-time relative position estimation by information fusion of camera and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data. Our VIO software is independent of platform vendor services (e.g., ARKit, ARCore) and can also run on custom hardware such as on drones and robots as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Check out the use case highlights below and contact us if they resonate with your needs. We are happy to discuss more to see if our technology or expertise can solve your problem.

Spatial AI for AR/VR

Precise real-time position information is a prerequisite for AR/VR applications. Our methods are not confined to small spaces and do not require mapping or external hardware. We offer tracking solutions for both monocular and stereo setups, with or without Lidar / ToF cameras.

An approximate dense reconstruction of the environment can be produced in real time.

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GNSS-VIO for vehicles

GNSS-VIO allows vehicles to continue accurate positioning during GPS outages, for example, in tunnels and urban canyons. By utilizing both cameras and IMUs, GNSS-VIO can retain high accuracy during long breaks with commodity hardware (unlike purely IMU-based GNSS-INS).

Both industrial and personal vehicles can benefit from GNSS-VIO.

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Visual-inertial navigation done right

Whether you challenge is to track the movement of vehicles, people or autonomous things—you will need to understand the device's relative location in the surrounding 3D environment.

Our methods are learning-based and adapt to uncertainties in the observed data. We do principled probabilistic inference, where both visual and inertial data contribute as equal parties. Our unique approach is built from scratch using first-principles and implemented using state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning methods.

Related research papers

O. Seiskari, P. Rantalankila, J. Kannala, J. Ylilammi, E. Rahtu, A. Solin
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A. Solin, S. Cortés, E. Rahtu, J. Kannala
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Best real-time tracking result in EuRoC MAV benchmark (~5cm RMSE-ATE) in 2021. Typical error in position less than 1% per covered distance in odometery alone.


IMU-camera fusion gives robustness against camera occlusions, varying lighting conditions, and feature-poor visual environments.


Our codebase can be built for various platforms ranging from smartphones to drones. The methods are configurable to run on different hardware setups.


Spectacular AI is a university spin-off company from Helsinki, founded in 2021. Our team is a unique mixture of seasoned software professionals plus established computer vision and machine learning researchers.

Otto Seiskari (CEO)
Pekka Rantalankila
Jerry Ylilammi
Prof. Arno Solin
Prof. Juho Kannala
Prof. Esa Rahtu

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