Inside-out tracking for VR/XR

The Spectacular AI SDK can provide accurate and low-latency 6-DoF pose tracking for AR, VR and XR headsets, without external lighthouses, the solution is computationally lightweight and can run on an embedded ARM processor in the headset.

Inside-out tracking is based on VISLAM, the fusion of data from multiple tracking cameras and an IMU sensors. VISLAM also removes long-term drift using loop closures.

For low-cost and experimental setups, the OAK-D devices can be useful for prototyping this use case, see, e.g., the mixed reality case in the SDK examples repository.

In general, we recommend a system with at least two hardware-synchronized fisheye global shutter cameras. Different types of hardware acceleration in embedded DSP, VPU or GPU can also be used. Contact us using the form below for more information.

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